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Getting fit and losing weight usually means that you aren’t happy with the body you have right now. However, feeling unhappy with your image can often result in a lot of negative feelings. These can create harmful thoughts towards yourself, which can crush your mood and also result in binge-eating or snacking. Here’s how you can start to love your body, despite its flaws, whilst on your weight loss journey.

Know your body’s purpose

Remember that the purpose of your body is to move, to feel, to be alive. If you did not have a working body, your life would be very different indeed. Feel grateful for the fact that you have a body to exist in, even if it is flawed. Love and respect your body for all of the things that it allows you to do: to dance, to walk, to drive a car, to touch a loved one, to feel running water on your skin, to hug. Your body is not at fault for the lifestyle you have lived until now, which has allowed you to put weight on.

Accept imperfection

No one is perfect: remember this. Not even the supermodels in magazines, who are retouched and slathered with makeup in order to achieve the look that you see. And you are not a supermodel! You don’t get to spend every minute of your day focused on looking good, with a personal trainer and a nutritionist at your beck and call. With that in mind, you’re doing pretty good. The imperfections of your body are the things that make it yours – that make you unique.

Embrace the journey

As you lose weight, you are undergoing a journey which will bring you to your fullest potential. Embrace every step of this journey. It is a learning experience – and every pound you lose is important. Having a body that was not your ideal vision is also important, because it pushed you to begin this journey. As you travel along it, celebrate and be proud of your successes so far, even if you have not reached your end goal.


There is a lot of weight carried on the shoulders of someone who hates their own body. Let go of that weight, and stop being ashamed – you are working to improve yourself, and that is something to be proud of.

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