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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CQC?

CQC stands for the Care Quality Commission. This is an independent regulator of health and adult social care services in England. The CQC ensure individuals receive the best healthcare possible.

What are the common side effects of Saxenda?

Common side effects can include nausea and headaches. if you require more detailed information regarding Saxenda we can direct you to a member of our clinical team for more information regarding the drug.

How long can you stay on the product?

This will depend on how much weight you need to lose to achieve a healthy weight goal. This is based on your healthy BMI range which will be discussed at your confidential consultation.

How much weight will I lose?

This will depend on many things ie, the changes you can make to your lifestyle and how much weight you need to lose, studies have suggested as much as 5% weight loss with your first pen.

Can anybody take this drug?

No.  Your suitability for this drug will be assessed by a member of our clinical team, initially you will need to have a minimum BMI of 25. There are some health conditions that may mean you are unsuitable to use this drug. If you want to discuss this further we can put you through to a member of our clinical team.

Who can not take this drug?

If you have had a baby less than 6 months previously, you can not take this drug. Once you are 6 months post-partum we will be happy to discuss a program individual to you.

If you are currently breast feeding you are unable to take this drug. If you or your any of your family have history of MTC or MEN2,this is a disease where people have tumors in more than one gland in their body.

You are allergic to liraglutide or any of the ingredients in Saxenda

I have a needle phobia.

This may be a significant barrier to you using this drug as it is a once daily injection that you perform yourself. However, you might find it helpful to speak to one of your clinical team members and if possible see a demonstration of how it works. We ensure all of our clients can administer the drug prior to leaving the clinic.

Where is it injected?

The product is injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen (stomach) or the thigh.

What happens if I drink alcohol?

This can all be discussed with a member of the clinical team.

What support will I receive?

The level of support is dictated by you as the client, however this is a prescribed medication and we want to ensure you are supported through your weight loss journey. We do ask that we speak with you weekly and this can be a method of your choice.  Skinny Revolution provides a full program that you can choose to engage in. This includes 15 minute pod casts from our Therapist trained in RTT and CBT. Also you can access 15 minute body blast exercises for you to follow.

Is my appointment confidential?

Your appointment is kept confidential.

Do you inform my GP?

We do not inform your GP, however there may be times when we recommend that you speak to your GP. In patients who are overweight we often see raised blood pressure and raised blood glucose. As a responsible company we have a duty to advise you of this and recommend you see your GP.

What will happen at my appointment?

You will be seen by a member of the clinical team who will screen you for your suitability of the drug. This will include a full history of your health status including chronic conditions and currently prescribed medications. You will be weighed and measured and undergo a health screening. Please ensure a full list of medication is brought to the consultation.

You will have the opportunity to have a full understanding of the product and make an informed decision to pursue your products.

What results have been seen?

Along with a low-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity, some people in a medical study lost nearly 2.5 times more weight with Saxenda