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How much can I lose?

Results may vary and often depend on the amount of weight you are looking to lose. However, because you are substantially reducing your calories and sugar, we expect great results. One of our ladies has lost 7 stone and is still going strong! It gives us the kickstart we need.

What happens if I lose the weight? Will I put it on again?

Let’s admit it, we are all yo-yo dieters and even when we lose the weight we all tend to creep it back on again. This is a unique programme that can not only help you finally shift those lbs but can also help you maintain it, keeping it off.

Where is the nearest clinic?

This is an online service.

How does this differ from all other diets?

Many of our clients would need to diet for several months, inevitably falling off the wagon and yo-yo with their weight. This not only supresses your appetite but kills your sugar cravings and makes you not feel hungry. Making you put much less calories in your mouth and making it possible to stick with it for as long as we each need, depending on our weight loss goal.

How much is it?

Everyone is different as it depends on how much each person has to lose depending on their BMI.

Can I exercise?

Yes we encourage exercise for best results however It’s not specifically required to lose weight with us. Many of our clients dislike exercise or are a little self-conscious until they have lost some of their weight. We also have numerous disabled clients who were unable to exercise yet were still successful in their weight loss.

What is Wegovy?

You can find out more on their website here: