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Lost 10 pound in my first week no side…

Lost 10 pound in my first week no side effects at all if you ensure you stay well hydrated ! I was very sceptical however I have faith that this works after the results seen on my scales this week . My cravings have stopped I no longer grab the biscuit barrel with a cup of tea ! Totally changed my relationship with food ! Customer service is fantastic and from real people not a sales pitch. This product has helped my confidence and boosted my self-esteem no end.


I love skinny Revolution

I love skinny Revolution it’s totally changed my outlook on food I don’t crave takeaways like I used to. It’s good having chats with Ryan and Kim they are so supportive. Thanks guys your like my new family xx

Joanne Taylor

Skinny Revolution are fantastic

Skinny revolution are fantastic from start to finish. I didn’t go into this lightly. I umm’d and ahh’d for a while before taking the plunge and meeting with Jeannie late one Friday night – they will literally see you any time. I was very honest and ended up bursting into tears I was that down about how I look. She was so nice and from there I ordered my first pen. I was sceptical beyond belief. She told me one lady had lost 11lbs in a week. All the while I’m thinking “Chance would be a fine thing”. My first pen arrived with some lovely goodies. One week later I went back to Opium, weighed myself and had indeed lost 11lbs (no joke). I had been for a weekend away that week to London and had noticed even a couple of days in that my t shirt was starting to go baggy! I could not believe it.

I got part way through my second pen and sadly did not finish it. This was only due to me being too bogged down with nursery fees and having next to no disposable income. However – my child starts school very soon and so I am back in the game! All through this journey I had calls and texts and when I slipped away for a bit Kim still kept in touch keeping me informed of offers as she knows my situation and doesn’t judge! I would recommend skinny revolution to anyone honestly. I am an absolute chocolate fanatic. Whilst you’re not 100% put off, I can’t explain it – other than the craving just goes. If I could do it permanently I would! I never ever thought there would be something out there that stops you feeling hungry but it looks like my dream will come true after all!

Fran Entwistle

Very good product it does what it says

Very good product it does what it says. Curbs your appetite. However i could no longer continue due to expense. But overall a fantastic product. Fantastic staff and care whenever you need it.

Jennifer Goodwin

Amazing weight loss with brilliant support

After using my pen for just over a week I lost my first stone and felt amazing . I felt at ease talking to the nurses over FaceTime as they were so understanding and clear with their instructions. Any questions or concerns are easily dealt with as there is always someone to talk to over the phone.

I had no hunger and unbelievable energy. I honestly feel like a totally different person. I’ve since lost another stone and will continue to use Skinny Revolution until I reach my goal weight.

Natalie Connolly

Help with changing eating habits of a life time

Personally using this product to support me in changing the habits of a life time. The pen is easily administered once daily. My appetite has reduced and therefore making it easy for me to make healthier food choices. In 6 days Ive lost 5lbs but more than that in 6 days I have had non of my usual urges to binge eat. I have another 2 stone to lose but know with the support of the product and the team behind me I will achieve this target. There are exercise videos, food plans and recipes all available to members. The community group on Facebook helps to be intouch with like minded people on the same journey.

Joy Gallagher