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4 Mantras to Boost Your Self-Love

Using mantras is a great way to change your mental landscape. The brain responds to linguistic triggers, and telling yourself something daily can even have the power to make it true. That’s why negative self-talk can be so dangerous, as you talk yourself into feeling...

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How to Lose Weight Through Meal Prep

Ok, be honest... How many of us on a weekend have told themselves, “Yes this month I’m going to prep my meals. Nothing is going to stop me!” Then rolls around the weekdays and you’ve had a bad day and certainly don’t have time for prepping your meals. Leading to you...

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Ampika’s Weight Loss Story 📖

"Many people look at me now  and truly believe I've never struggled with my weight. The truth is that once upon a time I was a size 20 and unhappy with my appearance.". "This is my story on how I decided enough was enough and completely turned my life around.  ...

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