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Alcohol is a big part of our lives in the U.K. with 80% of people over the age of 18 admitting to being drinkers so it makes sense we get questions daily about alcohol consumption with the Skinny Revolution program. How does alcohol react with the program and can I still drink it?

In short, no we do not recommend drinking with our weight loss program for many reasons.

Firstly, when trying to lose weight you need to avoid high calorie and sugary items and alcohol is full of it. An average bottle of wine has around 700 calories alone! That HALF of your recommended daily calorie intake in just one sitting. 

However, the most important reason we don’t recommend drinking on our program is that it can make you feel ill. Our appetite suppressant can make you feel dehydrated because you are not intaking as much sugar as normal. Combine with alcohol, which also naturally dehydrates you, and you begin to feel nauseous.

And, no, this can’t be combatted with just drinking extras litres of water.

What to do if you want to drink on the program?

That being said, we don’t want to crush your social life and don’t discourage social drinking. All you need to do if you are planning on drinking one evening is just don’t like the product that day and then resume as normal the next day. It’s that simple!

If you’re having 3 or more days off for a special occasion, resume the product on the 0.6 dosage and continue.

Remember to keep up your 2 litres a day water intake when you’re back on the product!

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