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We sat down and spoke to CEO of Skinny Revolution and The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Ampika Pickston, about her own weight journey and what the program has done for her.

Prior to having her very own weight loss enterprise, Ampika revealed she too struggled with her weight and was over 17 stone. It was when she reached a size 20 she realised something had to change but losing weight isn’t easy.

After trying the conventional weight loss methods and having no luck, she found the Skinny Revolution program and it changed her life.

“It takes a lot of the pressure and difficulty off losing weight and I’m honestly thrilled with the results I’ve received. When I found out about this wonder pen, I had to shout it from the rooftops,” she said, praising the program.

It was after trying the program herself and finding something that actually works wonders, she decided to spread the message of Skinny Revolution far and wide and support others on their weight loss journey.

“My goals are to help people throughout the United Kingdom to help them to lose weight and feel better in themselves, and then help the rest of the world. We are really trying to create a supportive, informative platform to help everyone.”

“There’s no time like the present,” Ampika exclaims when asked what advice she’d give to others wanting to start their journey. Saying that all you need a gentle judge and before you know it, you’ll be at your goal weight.

However, once being 17 stone, Ampika knows the physical and mental struggles people can face regarding their weight.

“I realised consistency was the key. Losing weight is not an overnight journey,” she shares. Being on the weight loss program, she learnt to discipline herself to stay on track and ultimately see great results.

When things don’t always go her way or she finds herself slipping, she uses meditation to stay positive and gain more control. She says that meditation helps her stay focused on her goal and keeps her motivated to keep going.

“You have to look after your mind, I always say a healthy mind means a healthy body. You must remember to always believe in yourself.”

Ampika also encourages those who are feeling stressful and worried to take a stroll outside. Whenever she feels like she needs to wind down, she takes her dogs for a walk and becomes one with nature.

But ultimately, the best advice Ampika gave to those that struggle with their weight is to just surround yourself with supportive and positive people whether that’s family or friends. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions.

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