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When things are going well, you deserve a reward. It will help you to stay motivated, and make you feel even better about all of the progress you’ve made. But the mistake that many dieters make is to reward themselves with a cheat meal – something naughty that you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Here are five ways you can reward yourself without having to include food!

1. A night at the cinema

There’s nothing like catching the latest blockbuster that everyone’s talking about. It’s a chance to switch off completely for a couple of hours: no phones, complete darkness, and a fun story to immerse yourself in. Stay away from high-calorie cinema snacks – if you know that you’ll want to eat during the film, take your own bag of carrot sticks or low-calorie bites so that you won’t be tempted.

2. A long soak in the bath

A long bubble bath is the ultimate ‘me’ time. Stick on some scented candles, grab a bestseller, and sit back and relax. If reading isn’t your style, put on your favourite music or you can even set up your phone somewhere safe and dry to watch your favourite TV show.

3. A beauty treatment

Go for a manicure, have a facial, or just get your hair cut and styled at the salon. This goes for men, too – you can get a massage, or get your beard trimmed by a talented barber, or so on. A little treat for you will make you feel relaxed and happy.

4. Go out with friends

Spend some time with the people that you like! You don’t have to go out for a big meal or have a lot of drinks, but you can still have a great time. Have a laugh and enjoy the evening. It’s good to kick back and relax, away from the worries of work or home life.

5. Buy something new

Get a new top, or a cute scarf, or some new jewellery. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s always so fun to shop for yourself. You’ll feel excited about your new purchase, and as your body gets fitter and looks better, you’ll be able to flaunt it with a whole new outfit!

Remember: we reward pets with food when they’re learning tricks. You’re not an animal, so don’t reward yourself with food!

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