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Using mantras is a great way to change your mental landscape. The brain responds to linguistic triggers, and telling yourself something daily can even have the power to make it true. That’s why negative self-talk can be so dangerous, as you talk yourself into feeling lower and lower.

These mantras are all about self-love, and will help you to feel more positive about yourself as well as boosting your mood – maybe even permanently!

1. I am a good person who tries [his/her] best

This is a great mantra to use when you start to feel like you’re a bad person or that maybe you have let people down. Often these incidents are really outside of our control, but it’s hard to give yourself credit for the fact that you at least try to do the right thing. Give yourself a break and remember that you are good at heart.

2. I am worthy of love

This is so important for those who have been feeling rotten lately. If you think of yourself as unlovable in any way, or if you wonder what your partner sees in you, then you need to remember your own worth. You are worthy of love – just like everyone else. Repeat this to yourself over and again when you feel that self-doubt brewing.

3. I am stronger, braver, and tougher than I look.

When life keeps knocking you down, it can be tempting to give up and curl up into a ball. You can also feel bad for those moments of weakness, when you break down and cry or don’t stand your ground. But remember that no one is perfect, no one can be strong all the time, and emotions are healthy. In fact, letting yourself feel pain is ultimate strength.

4. I am beautiful

This is the ultimate self-love mantra. So many of us feel self-conscious about our appearance, but inside it all, we are truly beautiful. Embrace your body, your face, your hair – anything that you might feel doubts about. Remember that you are beautiful, and tell yourself this while you look into the mirror.

The power of positive thoughts is amazing, and you may well be surprised by what you can change just by choosing a mantra to repeat in your head. Use these as your personal armour to keep away dark thoughts and negative beliefs about yourself!

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