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Leanne Kelly

I can’t believe that within 12 months I have lost 6 stone in weight. I started to pile on the pounds in my mid 20’s and I also gave birth to my beautiful daughter at the age of 25 and then the weight kept creeping on.

Before my 30th birthday I remember looking in the mirror and thinking I had lost my identity. I was a devoted hardworking single mum. Busy running around for my daughter and job and totally neglecting myself. Eating convenience foods at the wrong times. I had stopped caring about the way I looked and felt so ashamed of myself.

In 2018 I decided enough was enough and I was going to get a gastric band. I had booked in for a consultation and thought it was the answer to my prayers. Funnily enough the same day I had a call off a dear friend who told me to try Skinny Revolution but I had made my mind up to have a gastric band. My friend was persistent and I reluctantly decided to go. I started Skinny Revolution and I couldn’t believe it it when I lost ONE STONE IN 10 DAYS!

I had finally found a weight loss plan that worked. I am thrilled and can’t scream enough from the roof tops at how Skinny Revolution has changed my life. I am almost 50 years old and for the first time in years I now have the self confidence and self worth I deserve! From size 22 to size 12!