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 We hear a lot about ‘staying in your own lane’ these days. It’s good advice, because it usually means that you can stay out of unnecessary conflict and work on your own progress instead.

It’s easy to compare yourself to others during your weight loss journey, and even to interfere with others’ progress. Neither of those things will help you to reach the success that you are looking forward to. Here’s how sticking to your own path instead will speed up your weight loss.

Focus on your goals

Paying attention to your own needs and goals instead of worrying about other people will give you a lot more focus on the things that really matter. This means that you can push towards your goals with more concentration, getting things done more easily and achieving what you want to quickly. Not thinking about others will give you more time to think about yourself.

Avoid unhealthy comparison

Comparing yourself to others is a sure-fire way towards unhealthy thoughts. There’s always someone who will be doing better than you – that’s inevitable. Envy can be dangerous for your weight loss journey. Looking at others, you might feel like you are failing in comparison, which could cause you to spiral back into bad habits. Understand that everyone will progress at their own rate depending on their own body and metabolism, and that comparison will get you nowhere. Even comparing yourself favourably could lead you to slack off and stop making progress!

Resisting temptation

When others have a big influence on your actions, it’s very easy to be swayed by temptations. Should your friends or people from work decide to go out and binge on a big buffet meal, you don’t have to join them. You don’t have to be influenced by their decisions at all. When you stay in your own lane, you’re less likely to give in to herd mentality – when you do things just because others are doing them.

If you find it hard to stay out of other peoples’ business, it might be time to refocus and think about your own needs and goals in life. You’re on a journey, which means you have some distance to travel – and ultimately, you must do this alone. While support is always wonderful, you need to rely on yourself and your own willpower to make it to the end.

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