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Motivation can be a tricky thing. When you start off your weight-loss journey, you have so much of it. You know why you want to get fit, and you feel like nothing can hold you back from succeeding this time.

But at your lowest moments, that motivation can seem to ebb away. At those points, remember these amazing thoughts, which will help you to sustain your motivation to take you through to your end goal.

1. Remember why you started

It’s often easier to get yourself back into the groove when you remember why you started in the first place. Those goals haven’t gone away – and all you have to do is remember. If you felt miserable with your weight, then you can’t give up now or you’ll just be miserable again.

2. Remember how magical the results will be

Do you realise how amazing you will feel once you reach your goal? It will be completely magical, and you can’t miss out on that. This is the one big thing that you want, and if you don’t keep moving forward towards it, then you will never reach it.

3. One moment of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of unhappiness

Sure, that cheesecake tastes great, and spending a night at home instead of going to the gym can be pretty satisfying. But you’re exchanging the temptation momentary pleasure, which you will soon forget about, for being unhappy with your body for the rest of your life.

4. Nothing lasts forever

This is true about both pleasure and pain. Nothing lasts forever – not hunger pangs, not muscle aches, not cravings, none of it. And your state will not remain the same forever, either. Each step that you take forwards is a step towards change.

5. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it

Nothing that is worth doing is ever going to be easy. If it was, every person in the world would have their ideal body shape! That’s not the case, so don’t be put off if your journey is difficult.

6. Look how far you’ve come already

Remember where you were when you started, and look at where you are now. Imagine how much more progress you could make! Don’t give up when you’ve still got further to go.

Keep these thoughts in mind when your motivation starts to wane. You’re strong enough to keep going!

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