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While you are losing weight, it can be hard to focus on your successes from day to day. You might instead see the pound that you put back on, the fatty food that you shouldn’t have eaten, and all the little failures that are bound to happen along the way.

Here are five things that may well be little, but nevertheless should be a source of pride. Pat yourself on the back for these achievements!

Saying no

The first time someone offers you food that you shouldn’t be eating and you say no is a huge step. Every time you manage to do it after that is another reason to be proud! It’s hard to break old habits and you may also feel impolite, so this is a big success.

Making good choices

You go out to eat with friends or family, and look at the menu. Then, as if from nowhere, you hear yourself ordering the lowest-calorie or healthiest option! Well done, you! Making good choices even when you are in situations that could drive you towards the bad ones is excellent progress.

Each small twitch of the scales

When you weigh yourself, you might be a bit disappointed to find that the scales have only moved downwards by the smallest fraction. But don’t let yourself feel this way! You managed to make a difference, so that’s good progress – and every single little bit of weight lost is a step towards your goal.

Every ounce of sweat

Getting into exercising regularly is not easy, and especially not when you are also restricting your diet. This means that every time you get on a treadmill, go for a long walk, or go to an aerobics class, you’re making good progress. Be proud of yourself for making the effort!

Going down a dress size

This might not feel so little – in fact, it may seem huge. But it’s also easy to get discouraged if you’ve only gone down one size and you actually want to lose many. Still, this is a huge moment for celebration. It’s a physical indicator of how much progress you have made!


These moments should always be celebrated and considered with pride. Keep a diary of all these little successes and use it to motivate you to keep going further towards your goal!

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